This is Ash. He's a code ninja

Welcome to my CV - My name is Ash Scott

Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Ash, I'm a front end web developer, with a wide range of skills. I spend the majority of my free time learning new technology, coding languages, and procedures.

My Skills

  • HTML(5)
  • CSS(3)
  • LESS
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop
  • Bootstrap 2+3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • WordPress
  • SVN
  • Asset and Website Optimisation

Employment History

GForces Web Management -

Feburary 2015 - Present

CSS Developer

Being a CSS Developer for GForces means I have to write lot of CSS to code modules, in our in-house CMS. Writing thousands of lines of CSS a day, it's quite a strong skill of mine.

The sites we build are for the automotive industry, and are the online home of many retailers around the world, with profits in the millions.

Some projects I've worked on include a CSS team WordPress site, which does many things, as well as building an optimisation platform into this site based on Google Pagespeed API.

Custodian DC Ltd -

August 2013 - Feburary 2015

NOC Engineer

As a NOC engineer, duties varied from running cables, to configuring switches. The primary job was to maintain the network and ensure a proactive response with support tickets.

Here I was in charge of the range of dedicated and game servers we'd offer under a different trading name. I had to manage purchases for equipment, and every other aspect of the service such as sales, marketing etc.



  • English - C
  • Science - C
  • Mathematics - C
  • Physical Education - B
  • Resistant Materials - B
  • Information IT - B


I studied IT at college for 1 year of my 2 year course, however I left after the first year due to the job offer from Custodian DC. I left college with 1 BTEC in IT, as well as a CISCO IT Essentials certification.

Web Development

Most of what I know about web development is self taught. I've spent hours daily learning how to code through various methods, such as going to websites, and inspecting their code.

I've also recently signed up to TreeHouse after hearing lots of positive things, and seeing an ad for them on CSS Tricks!

About Me

I'm a guy who loves anything tech related. I like to learn about new technologies, how they work, why they were built. I'm a person who asks questions, not becuase I don't know, but because I want to know more.

Being a web developer, I'm in an ever changing position. New libraries and frameworks are being released. Updated versions of existing frameworks and libraries are being introduced. New browsers, devices, and technology which you can view websites on - all this keeps me on my toes, learning why something is new, what's in this changelog, how will it benefit me.

I love motorbikes. I've owned 4 motorbikes in 2 years, but sadly had to sell my last one, to start learning to drive a car. I'm quite a fun guy, always like a chat and a joke, and enjoy coffee (The beverage, not CoffeeScript). Going down the pub occasionally with friends takes my mind off work for a bit - I'm very work focused, even outside of work. I'll see something at home, and think "That could benefit my job", and send it to my team.

Socialise With Me

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